Zero shivers with Zerofit. Bring it on winter!

I have a mortal fear of the cold, my boyfriend will attest to the fact that I can’t leave the heating thermostat alone at this time of year and am normally head to toe in layers and knitwear to try and keep the cold at bay. So when I got approached by a thermal base-layer company to try out their new base-layers it was an immediate YES from me!

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I’d never heard of Zerofit before they reached out to me, they’re a relatively new brand that make base-layers for a range of sports from equestrians to golfers, they have a product to keep you cosy.

All their base-layers are unisex and I am always a bit sceptical about the fit of unisex clothes but the amount of stretch in these tops and the fact that base-layers are designed to be worn tight to the body means they fit like a second skin on men and women.


It’s been ridiculously hot this summer and when my base-layers first arrived it was still 21 degrees outside in October! This week the temps dropped and I reached for my Zerofit Heatrub Ultimate straight away!

The Zerofit Heatrub Ultimate looks a bit like a thick jumper at first glance but when you look at the inside it’s like a big fluffy inner, similar look to fur? sheepskin? cotton wool? I’m not sure how to describe it, it’s fluffy I guess? VERY fluffy on the inside.

IMG_20181104_134530Heat-rub-inside-close-upIt’s super stretchy so no awkward yanking your head through the polo neck, or wrestling into the arms. I have a medium and half asleep at 6am every day I put it on before heading to the yard and am instantly enveloped in a warm fuzzy garment.

It’s one of the ONLY base-layers I have ever put on where I can tangibly feel it warming me up. It’s REALLY WARM. It’s so warm that when back indoors after being out with the horses and returning to normal indoors temps I have to change out of it asap because I start to overheat!

For chilly mortals like myself this is the holy grail of ‘heat wear’ something that not only preserves my body temp but raises it is a product I can wholeheartedly get behind. Don’t just take my word for it Horse & Rider Mag reviewed it too, you can read that here.

As well as being super stretchy, comfy and warm the proportions of the top are generous in the body and sleeve length. I hate that feeling when my top rides up exposing my lower back to drafts, and short sleeves leaving my wrists to get cold are also a no no in my book. Am I giving the impression of being somewhat precious about the cold?…that’s because darling…I am!

This top has super long sleeves and the body length means you can pull it right down ‘over your kidneys’ (at least where I imagine my kidneys to be!) keeping my whole back, from shoulders to hips insulated and snug.

In short these base layers are pretty mega if you want something to keep your entire torso toasty. You can get one too and get 10% off and FREE P&P with this code GIFTHORSE. I have the Heatrub Ultimate for protection against extreme cold and the Heatrub Move for vigorous exercise in cold conditions and both are living up to expectations so far, and well worth their £50 price tag (Just £45 with my code which is valid until the end of Jan!).



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