Ginkhana’s equestrian themed gin is hot to trot!

There was a particularly hazy and embarrassing period in my life (aka my early 20s) where I used to drink wine. Wine and I get on like a house on fire, and as fast as a naked flame rips through an empty building, just a few sips of wine hitting my blood stream can make me feel invincible in minutes! I am RIDICULOUSLY susceptible to the grape and as much as that makes for a cheap night, I would (on balance) prefer to remember what happened in the morning!



Having pegged wine as my kryptonite I looked for alternatives and discovered gin!. The old wives’ tails of it being a depressing drink and Mother’s Ruin are utter pap as I think it’s a great refreshing, uplifting and predictable drink. I know my limits on gin and as a result we’ve become firm friends.

I’ve also tried quite a few in my time….Ophir, Tanqueray, Bombay Sapphire, Hendricks, Gordons, Xoriguer Mahon, Greenalls, Sipsmith, Whitley Neil, Hortus, Silent Pool, Bloom, Ramsbury, Tarquins, Pinkster, 6 O’Clock, and Warner Edwards to name just a few and so I feel suitably experienced to take on the latest gin on the market, the equestrian themed tipple Ginkahna!


Can we take a moment to appreciate that name please? it’s inspired!

Made in Royal Deeside in the Cairngorns National Park Scotland it takes its flavour inspiration from the surrounding equine inhabitants and is infused with meadow hay, carrots, apples, and mint.

This produces a gin with subtle sweet tones to it, which my sweet tooth really enjoys. Perfect in a G&T with a slice of mint and apple it goes down a treat! I like old school Schwepps Indian tonic or Fever Tree and lots of ice in mine.

Ginkhana and tonic

You can really taste the carroty sweetness and subtle hints of hay, but I’m afraid my palette is not the most cultured and so you may well detect a few more of the aromatic elements than me!

If you fancy making a cocktail instead then it works great in a gin martini, just bust out your cocktail shaker, some good quality dry vermouth (give Noilly Prat a go) and the zest of a lemon. I can’t stand olives so they won’t be making an appearance, I like my martinis clean.

Stick this gin in the horse lorry fridge, pack it in your point to point pic-nic, or simply pour yourself a generous glass after a day spent with the horses. If you fancy giving it a go then you can buy it online here or enter my competition to win a bottle for yourself, I’ve got one to give away and it could be coming to you!


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