Protexin Gut Lix Review & Prize Giveaway

protexin gut lix

Roll up, roll up I’ve got another great competition for you!!!

My sponsor Protexin have given me 5 probiotic starter kits to giveaway to 5 lucky GHE readers.

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I’ve had my horses on Protexin products for about…9 years on and off. Generally flipping between the Gut Balancer and Acid Ease products depending on the horse and situation. Their Quick Fix paste has also been a grooming kit essential for me and I often give Dustry some after plaiting and before loading and then again on arrival at a comp to settle his stomach and nerves.

So if you’d like to win one of these starter kits for yourself then enter the competition above!

Each of the 5 winners will receive a 400g pot of Gut Balancer and 30ml syringe of Quick Fix worth £20. If you’ve ever wondered how probiotics can help your horse’s digestion then this is an inexpensive and easy way to road test a new product. I swear by this brand and their 5 star customer reviews suggest that I’m not the only one! 😉

Right now the competition bit is done I’ve also been road-testing their new probiotic salt lick bar, called Gut Lix.

Like a traditional salt lick in shape and how you free feed it, but in addition to salt this contains prebiotics to aid gut health. It is apple flavoured and smells lovely, so lovely I thought I would taste a bit (I do these things so you don’t have to!)….urgh….it’s not for me, but this is what Dustry thought of it….

protexin gut lix

You can buy a lick holder and attach it to a fence line/stable/field shelter if you like or like me I just feed it from a bucket in the field and cover that bucket with another bucket if it looks like rain so that it doesn’t dissolve!

I’m not a fan of all the over molassed sugary licks and “boredom breakers” on the market. I don’t think horses should be eating such highly processed and unnatural products. It’s like equine junk food and as junk food isn’t any good for us, in turn my thoughts are how can it be good for them? This salt lick is a nice alternative to that if you have a horse that needs entertaining, struggles with being over weight, or you just want to provide them with additional salts and minerals during the hotter weather it’s ideal.

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