The best of Badminton shopping: weird, wonderful & wanted!

Badminton on the Thursday is a very different beast, it’s quiet and low key and has a really relaxed atmosphere. Some exhibitors are still putting the finishing touches to their stalls, and everyone seems to be really chipper (not yet jaded after several days trading, and answering questions!). I really enjoyed the smaller crowds and getting the chance to sit in the sun and watch the Mitsubushi Motors Cup competitors relishing their cross country rounds.

Because the 4* event hasn’t yet begun the focus is very much on the shopping village, and it does NOT disappoint. I don’t know if it was because I had some money to spend, but this year seemed to have some of the best items items on offer for years! With one exception….if I ever see another bobble hat with fur pom pom, it will be too soon, they were EVERYWHERE!

So here is what I thought was weird, wonderful and really wanted to take home from the 2016 Badminton trade stands.


When I walked into the Country Accessories tent and spotted these bags by Sherene Melinda it was love at first sight! They are made out of Springbok, with Italian leather backing and black pig skin inner. They came in a crazy range of colours (pink, green, acid yellow, baby blue etc) and I spent a good deal of time simply stroking and admiring them. More on that later…


The bag obsession continues if you visit Tom Lane and spy these versatile clutch/wash/make up bags. The waxed cotton makes them waterproof, and the tweed outer is a nice touch.


Pop a pound in the box and you can sit on these furry fellows to take your picture. For selfie fans this is a must! Beware though once you touch them and realise how soft they are you will get sucked into the tent which is a furry vortex of soft loveliness. Who knew Alpacas were SO SOFT!


I love a statement armchair and you couldn’t get more ‘look at me’ than this one from Nomad Ideas. All their Killim products I could have happily given a home to. If you like an eclectic and ethnic inspired interior look then take a peek at this stand.


There’s no shortage of choice when it comes to belts at Badders, but I really liked the subtle stirrup design on this one from Mackenzie & George. It’s not too ‘look at me I ride horses’ but for those that do they will spot your sartorial nod to horsey ways.


These feather lined home wares really caught my eye and imagination. With plenty of post shoot season feathers on hand and a penchant for craft, I feel like attempting to make something similar soon!


Rugger fans will love this sporting champagne bucket, and the ski based coat hooks would also add some humour to a boring coat room.



Dogs are always well catered for at Badders and dog lovers need not be disappointed either, there were so many doggy gifts and coats on display. These tea towels caught my eye due to their striking simple design and the fact that I could instantly think of about 3 friends who would love one as a gift!


I have a budding Argentine belt collection accidentally building (I blame my polo playing days for this obsession) so when I spotted these head collars I instantly made a mental note to keep an eye of these designs. The day they make them with green and white binding….I’m buying one!


If you thought your matchy matchy and fly veil game was strong, think again! Look at these Le Mieux ‘ear hats’ with tweed detail, you can even get the matching saddle cloth.


Ducks in wellies, what else? Well pigs in wellies too. These funny little garden critters came in a variety of animals some wearing Le Chameau some in Hunters.


What can I say about Holland Cooper? LOVE LOVE LOVE! Having stalking them on Instagram for a few months seeing the clothes in the flesh did not disappoint, lovely quality and it’s clear that Jade H-C is a tweed and tassel fan too. If only it wasn’t blazing sunshine I would have tried some on but I bought an ice cream instead!


Mini Aga biscuit tins! How cute? I’m banking this gift idea for Christmas as I know just the person who would love one.


I haven’t had a chance to catch up with John Whittaker yet about a potential lorry swap but I’d be more than happy to ride around in this and lend him my 3.5T for a while.


Every year at Badminton, Hickstead, Windsor etc I see these huts. Every time I see them I day dream about having a garden large enough to house one. I would call it my gin shack, and slope off there with a good book and my fave tipple on summer evenings.


If you get the chance to talk to the bods at Fairfax it’s very interesting. Their pressure testing has resulted in this gorgeous looking bridle, and all the pressure releasing features it has are very interesting. Now just to raid my piggy bank!


So after all the trade stand trawling I just HAD to indulge in a little retail therapy myself ! I couldn’t get it out of my head having spotted it at the start of the day and so I splashed out on a gorgeous Sherene Melinda handbag. After tasting a little sample in the food tent I also bought a small bottle of Warner Edwards’ Elderflower gin, which is VERY DRINKABLE 😉 So that’s my budget blown, I’ll be enjoying the rest of Badminton from the comfort of my sofa, stroking my new bag and sipping on a gin! 😉

Happy shopping!



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