I’m Tottie’s new ‘Roving Riding Reporter’

When an email from Tottie dropped into my inbox offering me the opportunity to work with them I jumped at the chance!

I was familiar the brand because back in the day I had a blue Tottie gilet that I wore to death, and had to eventually consign to the bin when I tore it open climbing through some barbed wire fencing. (I wasn’t being chased by an angry bull or anything I just have poor spacial awareness!!)

  Barring any further barbed wire incidents I shall be wearing Tottie gear, and providing tried and tested reviews for their latest products. What about the ‘Roving Riding Reporter’ bit I hear you cry?…well it doesn’t end there I’ll also be out and about at events and competitions this year throughout the country on foot meeting up with fellow #teamtottie peeps and checking in with them and their horsey antics. I’ll be donning as much Tottie apparel as possible myself too whilst out and about competing my horses, running, and generally embracing country living! I’m super excited about this opportunity a couple of reasons. 1/ I love the direction the brand is going in, with its hybrid breeches/gym leggings and more ‘active wear’ look. Equestrianism isn’t the most ‘fashion forward’ sport so I’m always excited about innovative products and less traditional materials. I am also guilty of collecting gym wear, Elle Sport, Sweaty Betty, Lululemon etc etc and now Tottie. Having clothing that is designed to transition across sports means I can run, ride and attempt impossible yoga positions (and fail) without needing to have more wardrobe changes than Beyonce!   

2/ Because it gives me the chance to get out and about and meet fellow amateurs and professionals, see what makes them tick and how Tottie’s sponsorship is helping them with their sporting ambitions.

My first roving reporter job is of course Badminton! I’ll be popping along on Wednesday to catch up with #teamtottie rider Emma Carvey and Rockstar VII who are competing in the Mitsubishi Motors Cup BE100 (formerly called the Grassroots Champs). So if you see someone matching the description of ‘all the gear and no idea’ then that’s me! Come and say hi!

On Saturday (weather and dodgy knee permitting) I shall be putting my Tottie base-layer to the test whilst scrabbling up a hill and running round the woods for 5 miles in a local running race.

Next month Bolly and I will be doing our first ODE of the season (and first event together) so I shall make sure to pack my Tottie gear then too!

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