socky socky lucky lucky win win!

Yes I’ve finally cracked!

Coming up with good blog titles is harder than it looks you know! So what’s the meaning of all this nonsense? Well horsey people are no strangers to superstition and when it comes to competition rituals I think I am fairly typical.

Having a pair of lucky socks is one of my superstitions.

sock       sock5
Now I’m sure most people imagine that one would have just the sole pair of ‘lucky socks’ right? Wrong! lucky socks for me are the last successful pair of socks that I wore in competition. If I hit the deck in the warm up or we picked up a cricket score those socks will not be invited to the party next time. Cue lucky socks 2.0, your time is now! Any socks that prove to be lucky will then be used again, it’s my ‘winner stays on’ approach to hosiery. 😉

Before you call the men in white coats, yes I know this is nuts, but somehow these little rituals have become part of my competition habits and I would be loath to let them go.

Being sponsored by Mountain Horse I am of course spoiled for choice when it comes to socks (some might even argue that they could be partly to blame for this footwear fetish!?). I have a sock drawer that would make a centipede jealous, and it’s only right that GHE fans should get the chance to join me in my socky obsession!

So I had a quick word with the powers that be at Mountain Horse and they have kindly donated 2x pairs of the luckiest socks they’ve ever made for GHE readers to win. Now I’ve seen these socks in the flesh so can vouch for their luckiness first hand. Designed by pixies, woven by leprechauns and lovingly packaged up and posted by non other than Mark Todd himself you can’t get much luckier than these! 😉 (ok I made that bit about Mark Todd up, but the pixies and leprechauns yeah, that’s legit)


So if you’d like to win yourself 2x pairs of the luckiest socks ever made simply leave a comment at the bottom of this post. You’ll be clocking up the double clears and running out of rosette room in no time with your little piggies inside these!

Winner will be picked at random on April 10th and announced on the GHE Facebook page so don’t forget to like my page too to find out if you’ve won

Good luck sock fans!

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