Blogging bloopers, it’s not as easy as it looks!

“Why don’t you try some vlogs?” they said. “It will be fun” they said…well they didn’t anticipate trying to film a vlog with Dustry did they! A few weeks back I armed myself with a fully charged gopro, a tripod, and some cellotape (just in case, you never know!) and attempted to shoot a vlog for my latest sponsor Carr & Day & Martin.
The first epic fail came when playing back the footage and realising that there was no audio – gah! I have since bought a cheapo exterior mic so hopefully that issue will be solved.Second fail came when I timed my vlogging début with the last pheasant shoot of the season on the farm and as such had a rather excitable pony as co-host!

All I could salvage was 30 seconds of bloopers from this initial foray into film so here you go enjoy…

I did have a fairly successful earlier attempt at video last summer when I went along with my sponsor Mountain Horse to shoot a little ‘behind the scenes’ video for their next range, It’s not quite Tarantino standard but it’s a start!

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