How to make a pom pom for your riding hat silk

When I noticed that the button had fallen off my hat silk I decide to make a pom pom to cover the hole.
Here’s a how to guide if you fancy making a pom pom for your hat silk too!

You will need:

Wool in a colour of your choice
(If you’re feeling adventurous then you can use more than one colour wool for a marbled effect. I chose white as my XC colours are green and white)

Some cardboard, an old box will do

Scissors, a pen, a mug, 2p, and a large eyed needle

how to make a pom pom for your riding hat p2

Draw round the mug on the cardboard to make 2x circles (these should be about the size of bit guards) then place the 2p in the centre of each circle and draw round that too. Once that’s done cut out both discs and the inner circles.

p3 p4

Take your wool and cut a long length off, about half a meter long, and then begin to wind it round the edge of the discs, going from the inside to the outside. When you get to the end of the length you have cut off, cut another one and continue to work your way round the disc covering up as much of the cardboard as you go.

p5 p6

Continue to cover the cardboard discs with as much wool as possible. The longer you spend doing this phase and adding as much wool as possible the thicker and fuller your final pom pom will be.

p7 p8

Once you are happy with how full your discs are take your scissors and snip away at the outer edge of the wool to try and find the cardboard discs again. Once you have exposed part of them you can slip your scissors between the discs and continue to snip the wool all the way round the outside edge, until it looks like this.

p9 p10

Take another length of wool and make it double thickness then slip that between the 2x cardboard discs and tie tightly. Repeat the tying of this a few times to make sure it is nice and tight as you are effectively tying the center of your pom pom together. Once this is done carefully snip off the card board discs and fluff up your pom pom with your fingers. Don’t worry if there are a few loose strands, and if you have any slightly longer than others use the scissors to snip them off.

p11 p12

Now the pom pom is ready thread the double thickness wool ends through the top of your hat silk, and tie firmly inside, and VOILA!

p13 p14

p15 p16

If you want to make your pom pom bigger or smaller just make the cardboard discs larger or smaller, and if you want to do more than one colour wool then you can create designs that look like this, and match your xc colours! – Good luck happy pom pomming x

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