GHE gets a GoPro!

I have been lusting after a headcam or similar device for quite some time now, so when a colleague of mine upgraded, and decided to sell his GoPro HD Hero2 I snapped it up!

The weather has been atrocious for the last few weeks and even though GoPros are waterproof I didn’t fancy taking it out to capture some dank, gloomy, wet footage, so in true fair weather rider fashion I booked an indoor arena to do some gridwork, and play with my new toy.

Watching the footage back it seems I have a talent for filming my chin, arena floor, the back of my head and various blank walls, which is great, but when it comes to film making, that kind of footage is a little too avant-garde for the horsey set I think! 😉

Eventually I managed to nail (what I consider to be the key requirement when videoing anything) getting horse AND rider in the field of vision, at the same time 😉

So here is my first effort with my GoPro, what do you think?…

I’m really impressed by the free editing software from GoPro, it’s really easy to use and has lots of useful features to help improve even they most useless looking footage. You can pull and crop the video to bring the action nearer, play with the speed, add Instagram style filter effects and get creative with fades.

So watch this space for more videos from yours truly, I expect by this time next year I will be picking up a BAFTA! 😉

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