Custom cross country colours – home made stock!

With the help of a friend with a sewing machine I have been getting crafty with some green and white checked fabric. I bought this fabric from eBay ages ago with the intention of making a matching stock for my cross country colours and have only now got round to making it!!!

cross country stockcross country colours









Stocks are relatively easy to make as they are essentially just a flat shape to cut out and sew. I didn’t do a button hole like many stocks have A/ because I can’t sew button holes! and B/ because even the stocks I have with them on I never bother threading the button through.

So here is my new, unique and best of all green and white stock! Now we just need to get out cross country in order to strut our trendy stuff!

(what’s the betting the first time I wear it I fall off! 😉 )

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