Show jump schooling homework

It’s frustrating to have an empty paddock, and a stack of show jumps, but be thwarted by ankle shatteringly hard ground. Thankfully we’ve finally had enough rain to make the going good, so wasting no time this morning I got as many jumps as I could physically move from the arena into the field, and set up a few fences.

Groomed, tacked and, studded up we began warming up. Dustry has been a little….how shall I put this?….over exuberant? of late, and so I was just aiming to have him be receptive and to calmly school around a few jumps. He was very chilled and attentive which is always a bonus (and a shock!) if anything I would say he needed to be more forwards and active in the canter, but I wasn’t going to push my luck on this occasion, I’ll ask for more canter next time.

I really need to work on my route to a fence as my version of  ‘a straight approach’  is anything but straight! His jumping technique however has come on so much, and he’s very careful over a fence which is a real bonus. So until the going becomes too hard again we will be making the most of our newly created show jump schooling paddock.

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