Mountain Horse long boots, fit like a glove!

mountain horse long boots
Comfortable, flexible leather long boots! They do exist!

My fantastic sponsor Mountain Horse have recently sent me a pair of their gorgeous ‘Supreme’ long boots. Prior to this pair I had a pair of their classic high rider long boots. The version of High Riders that I had were plain leather, no laces, zip up with an elastic insert. They were great boots, and hard wearing but once I had tried on the ‘Supreme’ style I realised exactly why it was named that!

For starters my new Supreme long boots smell GORGEOUS! I half contemplated never wearing them and just keeping them to sniff and admire! I can’t get enough of that new leather smell it’s lovely. Once I had got over the trauma of having to get them dirty, and actually wear them I was totally won over by the fit. The leather is so soft that these boots feel like you’ve skipped the typical ‘breaking in period’ that most long boots demand and gone straight ahead to the ‘fits like a glove’ stage (this is normally the stage that most boots decide to die! typical).

Clever zipper stopper
Clever zipper stopper

The clever elasticated laced design at the front provides fantastic flexibility for the ankle. My absolute bug bear with long boots is how stiff and inflexible they make your leg feel (which is why I have worn short boots and leather gaiters for so long) these boots are a revelation. I popped them on, rode, and within seconds they felt ‘at home’ now I’ve never been able to say that before with ANY long boots I’ve owned, and I’ve even sold on nearly new long boots I’ve bought within weeks of buying them because they just wouldn’t wear in to be comfortable!

At the top of the zip is a clever little double zip popper, which secures the tab of the zip in place preventing it from running down (so no embarrassing jazzy socks on display!) and the elastic panel at the side of the zip, coupled with the lovely soft leather means they fit really closely.

The toe detail and spur blocks finish off the foot of the boot, and underneath the sole is compatible with Mountain Horses’s own stirrup system, if you want to buy the matching stirrups too (I just have normal ones).

Elasticated laces for ankle flexibility
Elasticated laces for ankle flexibility

I’m so pleased to have a pair of long boots that don’t make me feel, stiff in the leg, and restricted in my ankle movement. I will no longer have to do the ankle breaking, blister educing walk that is customary with most long boots when not in the saddle!

Thanks again to my sponsor Mountain Horse who keep me ‘suited and booted’ in the best gear!

Disclaimer: Intoxication from ‘lovely new leather smell’ can induce euphoria, and as such the thoughts and views above are those of a footwear loving loon!

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