Preparing Dustry’s stable for winter

a.k.a. ‘pimp my loose box’ began in earnest a few weeks back as I started to get Dustry’s stable ready for him to come back into his winter routine and come in at night. He has always been a ‘bit of a tricky customer’ with his stable, and doesn’t settle well. I think this is probably a hang up from his racing days where he was boxed 24/7 with the exception of coming out to exercise. Last winter he spent it flinging his head around, bobbing up and down, bashing his chest against his door and generally being an attention seeking thug! He did settle as the months went on but you wouldn’t say he was ever relaxed and happy 100% of the time he spent inside.

This winter in an effort to try and help him feel happier in his box I have given it a make over!

Previously his stable was dark wood, with 1 window, and a weave grill on the door.

Now his stable is….

  • half painted out white to try and make it lighter and feel bigger/more open
  • weave grill off (I’ll just turn a blind eye to any weaving)
  • new internal ‘window’ cut through to ‘next door’ so he can see a buddy
  • new stable mirror next to haynets so he is never ‘alone’
  • new corner manger so he doesn’t spill his food all over the floor

He came in for the first time since last winter tonight, and I was all set to expect exorcist style head swivelling, agitation, and general protestation from him…..but…..he walked in…..ate his supper…..mooched about a bit….had a go at a few half hearted weaves, and then settled down to eat his haylage.

I also allowed an extra 30mins this morning to tackle what I thought would be a mashed up bed, and it was neat and tidy, and he was chilled and walked calmly out to the field……*shock*…I THINK my renovations have gone down well!!!!

I have also put him on a calmer for the winter, and this combined with his new environment seem to be making for a happier horse! Hopefully as the weeks go by he will settle further, and with careful ‘stage management’ I feel I might be able to put a stop to his weaving…….*fingers crossed*

If you wanted to embark on some horsey D.I.Y. yourself, then here are the items I bought and where to buy them from…

Stable Mirror from Robinsons (I bought the middle size)

Corner Manger from eBay

Window Grill from Robinsons

General Masonry Paint from the shed 😉

Oh yeah and check out my nifty ‘rug bags’, they are regular laundry bags, much cheaper and really strong!

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