Christmas comes early for Dustry

After several years of needing to make the same saddle fit multiple horses with various risers, pads, and girthing solutions now that GHE is a one horse band I decided it was time to take the plunge and sell my faithful orange close contact saddle, and invest in a ‘new’ saddle for Dustry in a more….errrm….appropriate colour?… 😉

Saddle fitting can some times feel like some sort of mystical art form with so many different opinions on offer, and prices that seem to go from the sublime to the ridiculous! I did a little online research to read reviews on saddlers in my area and a name that kept coming up was with positive feedback Julia Duffin. I called Julia and she was a breath of fresh air, straight forward, informative, and plain speaking. A few days later and I had a gorgeous 2nd hand (4 months old) black GFS ‘Event XCH’ saddle fitted and fabulous!

Dustry goes like a dream in this saddle and I love its extra deep seat, and thigh rolls – I need them atm to sit the ‘high jinks’ he gets up to! So that’s his Christmas gift sorted early, he will just have chocolate money, satsumas, and a lump of coal to open on xmas day now!

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