Snow stops play…

…this weather may be pretty, but it’s also pretty boring not being able to ride, and the horses are making it known that they are bored too by getting into as much mischief as they can! They are only having a few hours turn out each day whilst I get their boxes ready so they can go back in and spend the day munching and snoozing, it’s a hard life! Today I decided to give riding a go and raked the outside track, a diagonal, and a 20m circle in the arena. The surface holds up pretty well in cold weather, and is fine to work on, but the snow soon balled up in Dustry’s feet giving him ‘snow stilts’ so we had to give up. He and Soap have gone back to bed, and I am watching cheesy festive TV, and praying for rain because no matter how much I love Ronnie Barker there are only so many times I can sit through the ‘Porridge’ Christmas special!

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