GHE is ‘Going Home’ with a new sponsor!

Some very exciting developments have been going on at ‘GHE Towers’ recently and one of those has been the addition of a new sponsor for 2011. A few months back I was approached by Lori from ‘Going Home’ to see if I would be interested in being sponsored by them, and once she explained a little bit more about ‘Going Home’ and what they did I was a definite yes!

‘Going Home‘ is a not for profit organisation dedicated to buying up failed racehorses and giving them one to one care, attention, and instruction until they are rehabilitated, re-schooled and ready to go to a new home. This is exactly my cup of tea as I love tbs (especially ex-racers) and really believe that they are continually over looked and discounted as being scatty or hot headed when they truly are one of the most talented, and versatile breeds around.

‘Going Home’ raises money to fund their activity by running promotional events, selling luxury food hampers, and from kind donations. Because this sponsorship arrangement is slightly different to my other sponsors I have created a page for them dedicated to their fund raising activities (click here to see it) which I will keep updated with all their latest plans.

Who knows maybe one day there might be room for me to take on and event an ex-Going Home horse!!!…

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