A Christmas gift from Kan Teq

My lovely sponsor Kan Teq sent me a Christmas parcel which after a little investigative rattling, sniffing, and squeezing went under the tree to be opened on Christmas day! Wendy at Kan Teq has her own horses and understands the needs of ‘horsey ladies’ and had sent me some lovely toiletries including that god send Neutrogena hand cream, lip balm for chapped winter lips, polos for the ponies, chocolate money and a few more lovely goodies for me! The best part of my little Christmas bundle though was a new medical armband cover for my Kan!

I think medical arm bands have always seemed like a bit of an after thought, BE have issued new rules that they must not be worn on the leg, but the design of the armband holder has not changed for years, and many people find it hard to get them to fit, and if you are anything like me and slightly distracted on competition days forgetting them is also easily done!

Wendy at Kan has designed an integral medical arm band holder and shoulder pad cover so that my body protector and medical arm band are now one in the same. This is definitely going to eliminate any more embarrassing moments in the xc warm up when I get my tack checked and then have to scramble back to the trailer to get my medi band, and also it will be really handy when I go xc schooling as at the moment I never take my medical arm band with me for that, and I guess accidents can happen any time, anywhere…

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