Baby steps…

Dustry’s flatwork is coming on really well so I thought it was about time he began his jumping education! I started slowly slowly doing all the baby pre-jump basics like lunging over poles, then riding over them between wings, but in his usual ‘Mr Cool’ way he was totally unfazed by it all and made me look like a bit of a wally for being so cautious, but better over prepared then under is my moto! Yesterday I popped him over his first little x-pole, I had a few poles as wings down the right hand side to begin with to help channel him, but again ‘Mr Cool’ just said ‘hey you want me to jump it? no probs!’ He feels like he has a good little pop, so I am looking forward to getting him ready to go and do some clear round, and I think he will enjoy it too if yesterday is anything to go by…. 🙂

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