Body protectors KAN be comfortable and offer great protection!

Since late 2009 I have been fortunate enough to be sponsored by Kan Teq body protectors. The Kan body protector is revolutionary, it’s designed specifically for women, and is made using special  ‘smart foam’ that absorbs the force of the  impact so that your body doesn’t! Wendy from Kan created the product from scratch and I think it’s a real triumph in equestrian safety innovation. I love my Kan and having tried and tested mine fully (yes that means falling off!) I would never swap to a different make of body protector because in my opinion they just don’t offer the same level of protection and comfort. Over the past few years I have managed to meet most of my sponsors in person but with Wendy being based in Ireland we have never met….until now! This weekend is Barbury Castle horse trials and Wendy is making the trip with her trade stand in her trusty ‘Kan Van’ for a weekend in Wiltshire. If you are based in the south west then Barbury is well worth the trip, it’s a great day out with brilliant viewing and shopping! If you can’t make the trip then keep your eyes peeled when leafing through the July edition of Ridgeway Rider Magazine for yours truly making an appearance!

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