Oh dear – Call the vet!

Well today Soap and I were entered for Ascott-Under-Wychwood BE90 in the retrained racehorse section and I was really excited about competing against other ex-racers, but sadly this happened… 🙁

Poor little Soap had somehow this morning sliced into his jaw whilst turned out in the field. I have walked every fence line and scoured the paddock for sharp objects but so far I haven’t found any clues as to how or what he injured himself on. My usual vet was away on holiday so the emergency vet came out and treated him. Whilst cleaning out the wound he probed into it and it was about 1 inch deep and 5 inches long! He administered painkillers and anti-b’s and gave me a course to put Soap on. His 5 stitches come out in 10 days time, and he should be able to have a bridle back on and come back into work within 10 days, but I will play it by ear, and see how he is.

So my lovely little horse now looks like Marlon Brandon in The Godfather with golfball like swellings on his mouth, but once the dope wore off he started eating again and seems to be managing ok. The other down side is it means we won’t be able to compete in the Sparsholt dressage Championships that we qualified for back in November as that is next weekend…..oh well….I’m really just pleased it wasn’t anything more serious, phew.

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