GHE embroidered rug, & saddle cloths ahoy!

Seeing as I’m in the process of giving the GHE website a facelift (watch this space it’s launching soon!) I thought it was only right that I extended the makeover to my kit. I have some very helpful friends who work for an embroidery company who have kindly taken my old tat and emblazoned it with the GHE logo, instantly making it very desirable! Soap looks hot to trot in his new GHE branded travel fleece, and when out and about if you spy this little logo scoot past on a saddle cloth, say ‘Hi’ because it’s me! If you have sponsors and want to get their logo on your gear in order to promote them then make sure you run it by British Eventing first as they have some very specific rules concerning fees and logo sizes. These restrictions don’t exactly make it easy for grass roots riders to promote their sponsors, but you can get round it.

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