When Jack’s good he’s very very good, but when he’s bad, he’s ‘orrid!

Riding Jack over the past few weeks has been both uplifting and disappointing in equal measures, but yesterday we had a small breakthrough. Soap is very quick to react to light aids but Jack is the polar opposite. At present because he is not established in self carriage it takes A LOT of leg to get him to work properly. Despite going to the gym in an effort to get stronger and fitter I find that after 30mins schooling him I am pooped!…but then I found my spurs! I had totally forgotten I had a pair of spurs as wearing them on Soap would send him sky high, but with Jack they are just the little extra help I need to get him moving without looking like Penelope riding Kipper! He managed some really lovely, light, on the bit work, starting to push through from behind and use himself and he felt like a milllion dollars. Sadly as he is still building up all the right muscles to work effectively he can only manage about 15mins of this work, but those 15mins were fab, and a total transformation compared to how he was working 2 months ago. Pleased with his progress I was looking forward to taking him to a low key dressage competition today for a couple of walk and trot tests, but when I looked out of my window…..SNOW! The yard is at the top of a steep hill, and many liveries couldn’t make it up the hill in their cars because the road had become very slippy so there was no chance we could make it down the hill with the trailer. To cheer myself up at the loss of my entry fees, and missed outing I have been wrapping xmas presents and watching the puissance at Olympia on BBC iplayer, amazing!

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