More local sponsorship from Trotters Tack Shop!

A few miles down the road from my house is a new tack shop called ‘Trotters’ (and yes they are independant traders!) Allison at Trotters has kindly agreed to sponsor me! Hopefully with them being so local I can help them out in return by good old word of mouth, flyers, and through my local horsey connections. I think Allison was taking a big risk with her profit margins when she emailed me and said ‘just pop into the shop and see if there’s anything you need’ The words ‘supermarket sweep’ sprung to mind! She very kindly supplied me with some feed which Soap is happily munching his way through! So if you are ever in Wiltshire and driving through Tidworth don’t forget to pop into Trotters for a browse and a chat!

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