Running & jumping (not all of it on horse back!)

Last Sunday was a very rare non-horsey weekend, 4 friends and I took part in the Cancer Research Race for Life 5k run. It was a glorious hot sunny day, which made my desire to run about even less! We all completed and I came home in under 35mins which I was quite pleased with for my first ever (and probubly last!) 5k, and best of all we raised over £1000 in sponsorship.
After this Soap and I had a mini holiday, he switched round to being stabled during the day and out at night and feeling generous I gave him a week off to recover from Mattingley, big mistake! The combination of too much free time and spring grass seems to have turned him loopy! My calm and collected tb is now a crazed spooking jack in the box! Oh well…
My new Pessoa-esque training aid arrived last night so I am going to work him in that later, and on Saturday weather permitting we are off to our first SJ schooling session at Hoplands, I can’t wait! If he’s not too tired I might also put him through his paces on their gallop track! Hoplands have done a fab little piece about GHE on their news page, and I have persuaded ‘camera 1’ to come along on Saturday too so expect lots of photos of our day next week!

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