Starting to get somewhere with our sjing

We went to Sparsholt to do 1 or 2 clear rounds and a class of unaff SJ so that we could put our new brakes, and past lessons into practise. The Pelham was a little too strong on Saturday, so I loosened the curb chain and put it in a little sheepskin tube, and this seemed to work nicely. I am still adjusting to the new contact, and think that I need to work on carrying my hands further forward with a shorter rein, but we are getting there. Soap warmed up really nicely so we went to do a clear round, and guess what?….It was clear!!! Our first clear away from home, so pleased with him, and we won a lovely orange rosette (it’s the little things that count!)

After clear round I had entered him into the 1m class, but seeing how tight the indoor school was I moved him to the 90cm as I wanted to cement our clear round with another good round. Soap has never jumped indoors, especially not in such a small busy space, and I didn’t want height to be an added factor. He had 2 down – fence 4 because I pushed him for a long stride (*slaps wrist* Chloe, it’s NOT xc!!!!) and fence 7 planks which I should have established a bouncier canter for earlier. All in all it was a good trip he is so much more focused now and consistent with his SJ, we just need to tidy up his toes!!!

Big thanks to Karen for her camera man skills 🙂

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