If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail…

…or so the saying goes, so with our first Intro of the season at Tweseldown fast approaching this Sunday I have been preparing like mad!

My preparation includes…
– Pacing out 1 stride doubles until I know the “feel” for 7yds
– Practising tricky sections of the dressage test, working on straightness, rythm, collection, and nice square halts.
– Sorting/testing out my XC/SJ bit and being happy with it
– Jumping on grass with studs and new bit
– Organising my boots, bandages, drink containers, and general gubbins for the day
– Ironing shirts and stocks
– Making sure I jump in new XC hat silk before the event (more of a superstition than anything!)
– Timing my dressage warm up so I know how long to allow
– Visualising my dressage test, and crucially remembering it!
– Pulling Soap’s mane in prep for plaits on Sunday
– Cantering in a bouncey SJ canter for 3 mins with 1 stride trot changes to teach Soap to keep in a consistent SJ canter
– Washing, tack cleaning and plaiting etc still to do the night before

Soap’s preparation includes…
– Eating
– Drinking
– Farting
– Staring into the middle distance

I’ll let you know how we get on…

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