They’re under starter’s orders…

It’s no secret I’m a big fan of making eventers out of ex-race horses, and currently I have 2. I’m an even bigger fan of the Racing Post website because you can look up horses’ breeding, and race history for free. Having a little dig about to find some more info on Mr Jack Fry I discovered his grand sire is non other than Mill Reef! I found this lovely picture of Mill Reef being ridden by Geoff Lewis in 1971. So it turns out the scruffy little grey thing that I’m begining to reschool has quite a pedigree!
Jack and Soap were complete duffers when it came to racing. Soap ran once ridden by AP McCoy and finished 8/11. Jack faired slightly better managing 2 seasons, but with little success until he started Point to Point. Let’s hope One Day Eventing is more their cup of tea!

If anyone knows what colours Mill Reef used to race in i’d be interested to know, it would be nice to wear them XC on Jack when he’s up and running.

Jack and Soap’s race cards below, click to enlarge

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