Persistance pays off

I have been promoting my blog online and offline, virally and via mail outs for the last 3 months. I have had just under 1000 visits in the last week from places as far a field as Indianapolis, Argentina, Munich, Bucharest, and even Zagreb! Today I got my first offer of sponsorship, and needless to say I was a little overexcited!

I had a lovely email from Angie at Mountain Horse who has offered me some fab Mountain Horse products. I can’t wait to get the goodies and try them out, and I was really buoyed up by the comments in her email as the numbers of ‘nos’ I was receiving was begining to get me down.

“I was impressed with the efforts you have made, especially regarding your website, to promote, and appeal to, sponsors. It is essential for riders to consider what they have to offer potential sponsors and this can often be overlooked. You certainly made a refreshing change!”
Angie – Mountain Horse

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